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Rusteros | 2x | Near-Vanilla | Halfcraft | 2/7

Rusteros | 2x | Near-Vanilla | Halfcraft | 2/7
Игра: rust
Версия: 2151
Тип: Лицензионный сервер
Карта: Procedural Map
Размер карты: 3800
Сайт: Нет информации
Владелец: Нет информации  (Это не вы?)
Обновлен: 21.07.2023 14:54
Добавлен: 19.06.2016 14:23
Страна:   (Unknown)
Рейтинг: 0
Управление сервером


BP Wipe: Monthly (First Thursday of the Month) Map Wipe Schedule: Biweekly Next Map Wipe: Thursday, January 3 Welcome to Rusteros, a Lightly Modded Server! Our Discord information is available on our website. Settings: > 2x Gather, Half-craft, 2x Smelt, 2x Stacks, 2x Scrap and Components, Quick Nights, 2.5x Animal Spawns > Buffed Quarry Gather + Speed, No TP, No /home > Radiation is ENABLED > No admin abuse, no racism, no hacking, no illegitimate gameplay. > Clan support added (Teamkilling is ENABLED) Our Community is mostly noob-friendly, and we have a 'Looking for Group' channel in our discord if you need a friend. We hope that you enjoy your stay! Tired of waiting in queue? We have Queue Skip available in exchange for your support! Visit rusteros.net or click [View Webpage]!

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