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[UK][EU] Rust Imperial: LandLords BETA

[UK][EU] Rust Imperial: LandLords BETA
Игра: rust
Версия: 2301
Тип: Лицензионный сервер
Карта: Procedural Map
Размер карты: 4500
Сайт: https://imperials.games/
Владелец: u_zugosoze  (Это не вы?)
Обновлен: Нет информации
Добавлен: 28.01.2021 19:06
Страна:   (United States)
Рейтинг: 0
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From Plugins: Economics, Imperial Diamonds, Season Battle Pass, PVP SKILLS , Kits, Backpacks, TP, ChickenFarm , Custom Fishing, Imperial Treasure Hunting , Rad House , Personal Oil Tycoon Pumps and quarys, DLC items in coins shop, and much more custom Plugins.....
Rates X2 , 2.4 In Night Time , Loot x2 / x3 , Melting Speed x3.
Let's Build Community Together !
We are Happy to See Players, We treat players like customers.
You can Earn VIP on server (without Donations) just Playing on Server !!!

Active Admins - any suggestions or questions - Feel FREE on Forum or our Discord Group. Any time you can chat with server support in Discord.
All Reports going to Admins. ( Including All suspicious activity on server - stash , esp , wall climb e.t.c.)
On the moment 200 Slots - Number of Slots & Server CPU,RAM e.t.c. Will be increased when needed.
Rates: x2 ( night 2.4) , Stacks Size 15k

Server Machine Rayzen 7 4.4 GHZ , NvmE , 64 GB of Ram

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