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[GER/ENG][PVE] AW-Gaming Home|zLvl|Bots|BackP|Kits|Tele [Wiped]

Игра: rust
Версия: 2140
Тип: Лицензионный сервер
Карта: Procedural Map
Размер карты: 4000
Сайт: Нет информации
Владелец: Нет информации  (Это не вы?)
Обновлен: 21.07.2023 14:54
Добавлен: 19.06.2016 14:24
Страна:   (Germany)
Рейтинг: 0
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Welcomem to our Server!
You will find a lot of mods here like: zLevel, Backpacks, Teleports, Homes, Protect, Stacksize, Kits, Bots, NoDecay und NoUpkeep and much more!

New Update 06/12/2018:
- Added new Bots at the Launchsite (Melee)
- Added Zones at Airfield, Launchsite and Trainyard with Danger Message
--- planned to add this to all monuments
- Bots at the Airfield now have better equipment
--- little bit harder to fight for longer gaming fun
- Fixes and custumization to iPanel
- some changes to kits
- new Plugin: LightsOn -> Turn on Lights at night automatic

Have fun!

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